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I found a weird issue today for none-https website. I have 5 sites hosted on the same IP. Only 1 website has ssl enabled, name it Site A.

However, When I access https version of none-https sites like Site B, the content is a direct copy of Site A.

How to solve this?

  • 1 There is not enough information here for us to be able to answer. I suggest contacting your hosting service.
  • What kind of information to be added? Hosting provider can't help on this coz it is not a managed service
  • What happens when you activate SSL on other sites? Why wouldn't you do that?
  • The sites without ssl are not important so we don't use and activate ssl on them.
  • 1 Presumably you first get a browser security warning that the security certificate is invalid (that you must click through/accept)? It sounds like you perhaps have the vhost configs defined in the 'wrong' order (or you don't have a 'default' config) and it's defaulting to the first defined vhost for port 443?

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